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Vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and stress urinary incontinence can affect many women after childbirth or simply with age. Fortunately, you can correct all of these problems with a single noninvasive vaginal revitalization treatment at Utopia Med Spa in Houston. The staff of renowned plastic surgeon Franklin Rose, MD, can help you recapture your confidence and put a stop to your frustrating symptoms. book your appointment online or by phone today.

Vaginal Revitalization Q & A

What kind of symptoms can vaginal revitalization help with?

Vaginal revitalization treatment might be the ideal solution if you suffer from one or more of these symptoms:

  • Accidental urine leakage during exercise or other strenuous activity
  • SUI - stress urinary incontinence
  • Dryness
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Lack of sensitivity or sensation during intercourse
  • Difficulty in achieving orgasm

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments are also ideal for ladies who are post-menopausal or have undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Utopia Med Spa offers in-office Viveve vaginal revitalization treatments that can address all of these symptoms at one time.

How does Viveve treatment work?

While you’re in a comfortable position, your Utopia Med Spa care provider inserts the thumb-size Viveve treatment tool into your vaginal entrance. 

The Viveve tool rotates as it delivers radio-frequency energy that heats your skin's sublayers to prompt new collagen and elastin growth. 

The radio-frequency heat is balanced with cryogen cooling. The cryogen cooling keeps you comfortable, allows for greater radio-frequency tissue penetration, and protects surface tissue from damage. Most women say Viveve vaginal revitalization is painless, easy, and convenient. 

What is the recovery like after vaginal revitalization?

Recovery is fast and easy. You may feel a bit of vaginal warmth, but it dissipates quickly and most women don’t find it uncomfortable. There’s no downtime at all, and you can resume your regular activities as soon as you leave. 

When can I expect results from Viveve vaginal revitalization? 

Women typically feel the improvements from Viveve within around a month, and you’ll enjoy increasing symptom relief for the next few months. Most women experience the full Viveve effect at around 90 days post-treatment. 

How many vaginal revitalization treatments do I need?

One of the major advantages of Viveve is that you need just one treatment for excellent results. Other vaginal revitalization systems require a series of treatments, but the unique combination of radio-frequency and cryogen cooling means that Viveve can give you amazing results in only one session.

How long do the effects of Viveve last?

The effects of Viveve last for at least a year in most women. In clinical studies, a statistically significant amount of clinical trial participants noted symptom relief at 12 months post-treatment.

With just one Viveve treatment every year, you can enjoy continued vaginal revitalization with no downtime and no surgery.

At Utopia Med Spa in Houston, a dedicated and compassionate team of experts is ready to help you look and feel great again. Schedule your vaginal revitalization treatment online or by phone now.